Loving the Graf von

I have had my 'Graf von Faber-Castell Intuition Platino Ebony for a few weeks now. It has not left my daily carry along with my Montblanc 146 LeGrand Platinum Line and Montblanc 149, so there is a bit of a German theme going on here. The Graf is an unusual pen. It is quite short … Continue reading Loving the Graf von

The classic that is the ‘Montblanc 149.’

The Montblanc 149 needs little in the way of introduction from yours truly. The internet is awash of reviews, videos, adoration, critics and everything in between. This week after years of should I shouldn't I, the moon and stars seem to align and a 149 was mine. The genesis for buying the 149 was buying … Continue reading The classic that is the ‘Montblanc 149.’