Pen Clearance Sale July 2020

For one week only I will be offering these pens at these bargain prices.

Below you will find a description, photos and in most cases a writing sample. All are in great condition and I have tried to provide as detailed description as possible. Payment will be via PayPal friends and family and postage will be included in the price unless stated. All sales are final and I won’t be accepting returns.

If you are interested in any pens, send me an email or message via my Instagram page. I will try and post them as quickly as I can but with the current situation we find ourselves in this may be slightly longer than I’d like. Be quick as I am notorious for changing my mind!

Okay here goes. Below are pens that I am very reluctant to sell. I am going to put them up until Friday and if not sold, they will be removed from sale. Selling for two reasons. First I need to reduce the number of pens I have. Second, they just don’t get used as much as I would like. I also reserve the right to remove them from sale at any point in the meantime. 


Conway Stewart Winston. £345

This comes with the huge suitcase box with cigar, bottle of CS ink and a little book of Churchill quotes.

A lovely pen with a wonderful Conway Stewart 18k gold fine italic nib. It is a great writer and lays down a medium-wet line. Was a limited edition and very hard to get anywhere now.

I will send this by Special Delivery.


Pilot Silvern. Medium 18k. £245

I have two of these but cannot really justify keeping two any more.

A lovely, lovely pen in sterling silver. Despite that not that heavy considering. Medium 18K nib that is smooth and lays down a lovely medium/wet line. Comes with a Con 70 converter and a Con 40 (I think that is what it’s called). Boxed and in wonderful condition.

Will send via Special Delivery.


Montblanc StarWriter. Fine 14k. £225

A wonderful little pen that is officially cartridge only but you can fit a Faber-Catell converter in there if you like. (Ink cartridges work really well though).

Boxed and in excellent condition.

Will send via Special Delivery.

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