Pilot Silvern – So good I had to get two!

I really must stop writing blog post titles that give the game away!

I ordered my Pilot Silvern weeks ago knowing full well that it would take an age to arrive. I had only ever seen photos of it before and with virtually no reviews I was buying it blind.

Ironically, the gentleman that is Anthony of UKfountainpens brought one with him at the last pen meet I attended a few weeks ago – before the ‘C’ word appeared – and got to see one in the flesh and write with it. I was impressed and very pleased I had ordered mine.

Mine arrived the following week and inking it up with Pilot, Shin-Ryoku put the medium 18k inlaid nib to paper. It was wonderful! It produces a wet line that glides silky-smooth like a Citroen DS. The sterling silver gives the pen some heft but it is all so well balanced it is supremely comfortable.

Along with my other recent purchase – Onoto Metallic Blue Pearl Magna – I have found myself using these two pens exclusively with a third acting as my rotation pen, so as not to feel guilty about neglecting my others.

The only negative for me is the converter the pen comes with – Con-40 – which seems to hold an ink capacity equivalent to one tear from a small child! Luckily it also takes the much larger capacity Con-70. Of course this converter has its issues but at least it holds a lot more!

A couple of weeks after getting my pen I saw that Anthony was selling his. I knew a relative – who had seen mine – wanted one so after there seemed to be no interest, after just over a week, we agreed on a price and it was mine…literally.

Filling up Silvern #2 with Kon-Peki it was just like mine – wonderful. Please don’t judge me but I made the decision that I would keep it. Yes, I know that this is greedy and all that but I just couldn’t part with it. I now have one filled with green ink and another with blue.


There is a possible downside to all this. Earlier I wrote that I have been using Silvern #1 and my Onoto exclusively. Silvern #2 has joined them with me finding it hard to use other pens. I now try and carry at least one other pen which acts as my rotation pen

I think I have reached the point where my pen buying days are over. I have a small stable of pens that I seem to be drawn to and others on the periphery will probably be up for sale at some point. There is something about chasing the dragon as far as us pen types go.


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