Onoto Special Metallic Edition Blue Pearl

Sunday, 8th March was the Spring edition of the London Pen Show. I was hoping that Onoto would be there but sadly they couldn’t make it. In the end this didn’t really matter that much.

I went to the Pen Show with no plans to buy any pens and when I walked out after about an hour, this was certainly the case. The show was definitely quieter than the previous ones I had been to but I was just glad it was still on.

I again came away with the feeling prices were high and and there were few offers to tempt me. One seller had the RRP and their ‘Pen Show Price’ next to it but this price was the same one offered on their website any day of the week, with that not being the best price anyway. Seriously!

I had seen that Onoto were offering a proper discount on some special edition pens with one I had been lusting after for ages. Firing off an email, I received a quick reply from Feng who informed me that if payment was made that day it would be prepared and send out on Tuesday. Asking to be sent an invoice, I paid when it came though.

I had opted for a medium gold plated steel nib with the extra brass weight placed in the barrel. With a good Pen Show discount I decided to opt for a fine 18k nib instead. This wasn’t a problem and after paying another invoice it was added to the order. I waited.

Wednesday, 11th March the pen was delivered by DHL as scheduled. Onoto know how to create an atmosphere – it was wrapped in Onoto paper, tied with an Onoto branded ribbon and had a hand written card from Onoto Chairman, James Boddy! The box is made out of a rather lovely wood, the pen sits in its own blue velvet pouch, which in turn lies on a velvet tray.

Picking the pen up it felt wonderful in the hand. I rinsed the pen through with water and while admiring the 18k fine nib I could see that the faint signs of blue ink meant the nib had been tested before dispatch – as expected. Filing the pen with Pilot Kon-Peki I put pen to paper…

The only word I can use to describe the writing experience is joyous! Rarely – if ever – have I been so totally smitten by a new pen. The extra weigh in the barrel was a good move and adds to the comfort. The pen is a good size and I find it very comfortable for long writing sessions.

I love the colour, dark blue with swirls of light blue pearlescent shining through the silver pattern. The clip, band and cap finial are all sterling silver. It is just a very handsome pen.

The nib! It writes a generous fine line that is wet but can still be used practically as a daily writer. It writes smoothly with just a hint of feedback and I cannot think of another nib in my stable of pens that has the better of it. Only my Pilot Silvern pens with their wonderful 18k nibs compare. I really, really enjoy writing with it to the extend since it arrived a week ago I have had to force myself to use one of my other pens.

Some may be put off by slightly over three turns needed to take the cap off. This doesn’t bother me and adds to the occasion.

Seeing an Onoto in the wild is a rather rare and special occurrence, possibly even more so than a Conid. Seeing a Pen Show special edition makes this rarer still. Knowing this only enhances the overall experience.

As you have surely guessed, I love this pen! It has the looks, is very comfortable and writes wonderfully. The honeymoon period hasn’t really ended and I find myself wanting to use this pen over almost all others.

I suspect my feelings toward this pen will not diminish over time. I recently bought a Franklin-Christoph ‘Penvelop 13’ with the intention of culling my pens so that only 12 remain. One slot is already occupied by an old Yard-O-Led pencil. Another slot is naturally ready and waiting for this Onoto – on the rare times it isn’t part of my daily carry!

One thought on “Onoto Special Metallic Edition Blue Pearl

  1. I’ve never quite managed to put my finger on it but I find my (modern) Onotos to be just such a joy to use. In theory they are too thin, too light (none of mine have the barrel weight), too small, but it does feel like a special occasion when using them.


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