Conid back in May?

My Conid Regular is one of my favourite pens and for me better than their flagship Kingsize. It is probably well known that Conid decided to shut their doors to new orders and won’t be doing so again until at least May 2020. Despite me loving my Conid I’ll tell you why I won’t be in the queue to buy another – unless there are big changes.

Seeing a Conid in the wild is a little like spotting a unicorn. Both are rare creatures that people have heard of but few seen in the flesh. They are built to order, only available from Conid and that can take a long time.

The ordering process is different. I ordered via their website, paid and got an email confirming my order. Then…silence. Weeks went by and my estimated delivery date wasn’t met. I waited and after a tentative email to enquire when my pen might be delivered, I eventually got one back. The pen arrived and I was pleased with it, very pleased!

The exclusive nature of Conid pens does make the buyer totally okay about waiting, forgive every week that passes but herein lies the problem. Conid must have realised this themselves as delivery times seemed to get longer and longer so they took the bold step of halting orders to regroup, improve the systems in place for making pens and improve their customer service.

Despite liking their pens a great deal I think that unless they improve their customer service – and by this I mean communication – I won’t be clicking the buy button. Spending large amounts of folding stuff and having near radio silence just isn’t acceptable.

So, when May arrives it will be interesting viewing to see if Conid opens for orders, what delivery times will be and whether they have improved that all important communication. I really hope so!!