Platinum Curidas

Last Sunday, Storm Ciara hit the UK and more specifically London last Sunday. Braving the elements it was with a brisk pace I headed towards – for me a previously unknown stationery shop – ‘Choosing Keeping’ near Covent Garden. The prize that awaited me was the new Platinum ‘Curidas.’ As far as I am aware one of the few stockist (if only) that had them in stock in the UK let alone London.

‘Choosing Keeping’ recently had an event where representatives from Platinum Japan brought over some choice fountain pens – as well as launching the Curidas. I missed that but fellow blogger had been and bought one and liked it.

London was all but deserted, perhaps partly due to the storm. When I arrived at the shop I had the place to myself.

The shop had two pens on display to try out, one in fine the other medium. Both wrote well but I knew that the medium, more like a fine really, would suite better.

Pen bought I stotted some Prefounte pens – also by Platinum – and got a couple of them – for my daughters.

Walking back the weather turned and it rained hard. The wind was strong and walking down Shaftesbury Avenue had to avoid a cyclone of leaves, bags for life, assorted litter and a discarded nappy swirling at a height of about three metres. The things we do for a pen!

Back home I decided to put a Platinum converter in rather than a cartridge and filled it up with Pilot Kon-peki. Putting pen to paper the writing experience was great. The nib is made out of steel and is smooth with a little feedback, laying down lovely fine wet line. A little plastic shroud seals the nib and it is meant to keep the nib ready to use for up to six months. (Having a #3776 with its slip and seal cap, I have every confidence in this statement).

The clip wasn’t a problem for me, my fingers falling either side of it. The pen comes with a small plastic tool enabling it to be taken off. This I had a got at and can report it isn’t that hard – having watched a short YouTube video.

The Curidas is a good size, comfortable and a good weight. I have owned a Pilot Vanishing Point in the past but found it uncomfortable and could not use it well with the clip in the way. Taking the clip off the Curidas makes this more comfortable but there is a little plastic lip sticking up if the clip is taken off.

It is very easy to change ink cartridges or fill a converter and the almost bayonet fitting keeping everything in place are secure and well made.

The pen is made out of plastic – which may put some off – but be assured it is a very well made and engineered pen that will put up with heavy everyday use and last for years.

However, late on Thursday disaster struck when clicking the pen into action. The entire nose cone travelled up with the nib. I couldn’t think of why this happened?

I took the pen back to ‘Choosing Keeping’ and they spotted a small crack where the nose cone joins the barrel. I had not spotted this and it certainly explains things. I have no idea how it got there other than I suspect it was there in the making and was just one of those things. The people at ‘Choosing keeping’ allowed me to exchange it for another but this time I chose one in green.

I could be imagining it but the clicking mechanism does seem better on my replaced pen, so I suspect I might have been unlucky and got a bad one? Certainly a few people I know with one have experienced no problems with theirs.

I used the Curidas every day – up until Thursday – since buying it last Sunday for quick notes, long writing sessions and everything in between. It is a brilliant pen. It won’t be for everyone and some may find it uncomfortable with the clip in place and even when it is removed.

The Curidas is a great retractable fountain pen. The other heavyweights are the Lamy Dialog 3 and already mentioned Pilot Vanishing Point. The former does seem to dry up when not being used for a while and I find the latter to be uncomfortable. For me the Curidas a better pen – albeit not a looker. The nib again deserves a mention as it is that good.

I imagine that if the Curidas proves popular a metal barrelled, gold nib version might be released. I don’t think that this would be for me as I’m perfectly happy with this one.

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