Can’t stop using my Cross Peerless

We have all been there. Get a new pen and use it all the time. The ‘Cross Peerless Darth Vader Special Edition’ does seem to be that pen at the moment however there is a difference.

I excitedly opened the box to this pen on Christmas Day and since then it has not left my side. I have used it every day since. A few other – quite wonderful – pens have come my way but this Cross pen has remained firmly centre stage at the moment with nothing seemingly able to knock the star that occupies its dressing room door.

Star Wars monikers aside the Peerless is just so comfortable to use and writes wonderfully. I am giving serious thought to actually buying a back-up Darth Vader Peerless or another in the range.

I’ll let you know if anything changes but I doubt it will. Could this be the best kept secret in the fountain pen world?

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