Cross Peerless Darth Vader

Being a fountain and Star Wars geek I was bought a Cross Peerless Special Edition Darth Vader fountain pen for Christmas.

I haven’t owned or used pen by Cross for years. I recall once owning a Century II and liking it but found it too small and narrow. When opening the box of my present and seeing the Cross name with some Star Wars symbols I was intrigued.

The pen itself is a very decent size with a good weight to it. Holding the pen in my hand I found it very comfortable and my initial fears that it was just another small, narrow Cross pen evaporated.

The Peerless range was one I had not heard of before. A quick search revealed that the 18k nib was made by Sailor!? Filling the pen I put pen to paper…

Writing was bliss!! The nib is firm and quite simply nothing short of wonderful. The medium nib – like many Japanese nibs – is more fine than medium. It lays down that Goldilocks line, more on the wet side of things. It is also smooth albeit with slight pencil feedback – which I like.

I have large hands and the dimensions of the pen and grip section in particular make for comfortable writing. The cap screws off with only a few turns and posts well. This makes the pen heavier but is still very usable if you like doing so.

The body and cap are made of metal and there are several references to Darth Vader all over the pen to keep the most hardcore fan happy for years to come. The cap even has a red Swarovski crystal perhaps as a reference to the colour of Vader’s lightsaber!

The Peerless is a cartridge/converter pen which is perfectly fine and makes for easy maintenance and ink changes.

I am struggling to think of anything I dislike about the Peerless. Cross have created a quite brilliant pen in the Peerless and I am tempted to get another medium nib in any of the other different versions. I imagine the Peerless would be a great one without the Star Wars adornments – is love to put that to the test.

If you like Star Wars then it is probably others who will have an issue with you owning this pen as you might be compelled to issue forth the odd Darth Vader quote from Episodes IV, V and VI!!

Being a limited edition it won’t be around indefinitely so grab one while you can! If it isn’t I’d check the Peerless out anyway!

One thought on “Cross Peerless Darth Vader

  1. Nice review! I ran across your mention of this on instagram. Must’ve been the algorithm picking up on the fact that I had just posted something about the same pen.

    You might also be glad to know that, since the nib and feed of the peerless range are made by sailor, you can also swap out the nibs, just in case you want a little more variety than a M (which, as I understand it, is the only size nib offered with the Darth Vader special edition). I was interested to note, however, that the plastic feed in the cross pen is slightly different, where it interfaces with the cartridge/converter, from the one on the Sailor standard/large size 1911 I have. I also think that the Cross feed provides a slightly wetter flow; but that could also be due just to the fact that I put my music nib on it!

    In any case, enjoy the pen! I just love using KWZ sheen machine with it. Dark, dark blue, almost black, and red glow—hard to get more Sith than that!


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