Italix Captain’s Commission.

‘Mr Pen’ is an online shop where you can get lots and lots of quality fountain pens at very reasonable prices. I recently bought one of their offerings in the form of the Italix Captain’s Commission and thought I’d share my impressions.

This is a pen I first saw at a pen club meet about a year ago that belonged to fellow blogger and gentleman that is Rupert. I remember it being a great writer but didn’t do anything about it until last week.

Mr Pen is run I think by Mr Ford and the order process is quite brilliant. Order placed and it arrived the next day after a few emails confirming all this.

The pen is lovely to look at and substantial. I do like the black and chrome and it has a good weight to it.

Comparing with a Lamy Safari you can see that it is of a similar size uncapped and a little longer capped.

Like Rupert I opted for a fine italic nib but I could have had over 20 (I think) different options.

The #6 sized nib is a bit of a revelation. I remember liking Rupert’s pen but nothing could prepare me for the gleeful moment when I put pen to paper. It lays a wet line and glides over the page so smoothly it is hard to think the nib is made out of steel. Mr Ford certainly knows his stuff. The only other pens I have with similar nibs are the fine cursive italic nib on my Conway Stewart, Winston and the FBNibs custom grind cursive italic on my Conid Regular. Is the writing experience of this Italix Captain’s Commission as good? Definitely…perhaps more enjoyable.

For me the pen isn’t comfortable to write posted – it’s too back heavy with the cap. This isn’t much of a problem as I never post caps and anyway and the pen is supremely comfortable to use without the cap being posted.

The cap has a great clip and it screws on to the barrel on good threads. It is just a very well made pen. In fact that is my overall impression of this pen. It just screams quality.

Since this pen arrived I have not let it leave my side. My first fill of Pilot Kon-Peki was replaced with Montblanc Irish Green. It is just a joy to use and for £59.95, a bargain!

One thought on “Italix Captain’s Commission.

  1. I agree entirely with this review. The CC is a quality pen, as are all the Italix pens. I own several.


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