Desiderata Pen Company – Precession 2019

Pierre Miller at the ‘Desiderate Pen Company’ based in Chicago, probably needs little introduction to many of you out there. He has been making his own unique and elegant pens for some time and I have admired them from afar. A few weeks ago I was able to order one of his pens that I saw on his Instagram thread. It looked amazing…so naturally an order was placed.

The pen in question was the Precession with a blue barrel / section and a black cap. When it arrived a couple of weeks later I was struck at how good it looked. I loved just about everything about it.

The pen came with a fine Jowo steel nib and Pierre stated that he makes sure all the pens that leave him will have their nibs looked at to ensure you get a good writer. He wasn’t joking. The pen lays down that Goldilocks line of not too wet and certainly not dry.  There have been no hard starts, skips and it writes smoothly across just about any paper. I was going to replace the steel nib this pen came with for a 14k fine Jowo nib I had from FPNibs but I won’t be bothering as this one is so nice to write with.

In terms of size you can see in the photos below how it compares to a Montblanc 149. It’s a really great size and I find it very comfortable for everything, including extended writing sessions. I would suggest that this is a true writer pen, the design of which has been carefully thought out but someone who really knows what they are doing and loves fountain pens themselves.

The filling mechanism reminded me of the one on the TWSBI Go. The blind cap comes off to reveal the springed piston that works really well. The pen holds a good amount of ink and swapping inks is quick and easy.

I believe the pen was intended to house a flex nib and is advertised as modern vintage flex. I knew that this would be wasted on me so when for the standard Jowo nib. Available on Pierre’s Etsy page the pen currently costs £120.10 with a standard Jowo nib and postage and packing on top of that.

This is a wonderful pen! There is not that much more I can write about it. It’s a great pen. It looks wonderful, has an interesting filling system, is extremely well made and is a joy to write with. These will not be around for long so if you like the look of it don’t wait too long. I will be back for another one of Pierre’s offerings when they become available.

2 thoughts on “Desiderata Pen Company – Precession 2019

  1. If it sells, then so be it. The consumer is the ultimate judge, but it looks overpriced to me.


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