Montblanc nib exchange fun

I recently posted a review of my newly acquired Starwalker in which I said I liked the medium nib it came with and doubted if I would swap it. Today, this changed.

Making up my mind that this particular pen was near-perfect as an accompaniment to my small pocket diary I carry everywhere, the only other requirement was that it have a fine nib. So I walked the 2 miles to the Montblanc shop in Bond Street.

My walk there was a lovely one that took me through Hyde Park and the pavements of Mayfair the fictional character Bertie Wooster haunted. I was halfway through Hyde Park I realised this would be an eventful journey

Wearing a brand new and fetching pair of oxblood Gibson shoes as I reached the Serpentine with various parts of my feet uncomfortable. Further on things got even worse. As I exited Hyde Park I sought sanctuary in the nearest pharmacist to purchase some fabric plasters. This done I entered a quiet coffee establishment to administer first-aid. Feeing much better I set off again.

Bond Street was its usual busy self and seeing the Montblanc shop sign I got out my warranty book and walked in. Unfortunately, as I looked up I saw rows of ladies handbags. Confused I suspected they had carried out a rearrangement of the shop floor. It then dawned on me I had walked into the wrong shop, next door!

Exiting I walked into the correct shop and carried out the nib exchange quickly and efficiently. All being well I should get the call that the nib has been exchanged in about 4-5 weeks. Of course, if I wanted to change it again thereafter I could.

The walk back was fine and my first-aid in the field held up well. The things you do when you’re into fountain pens!!

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