Shout out to Anthony at

You have probably read the sad news that fountain pen blogger has – for the moment at least – put his pens and ink away for the foreseeable. Sad news.

Probably like you I have looked forward to his excellent reviews, thoughts and insights into the addiction hobby that is fountain pens. In recent times I have welcomed a steady stream of blog posts but knowing how much time and effort is required to get regular content out there, I did wonder whether he could sustain it.

I think Anthony has taken the brave but ultimately wise decision to say no more. I hope that it is merely a sabbatical and that the stars and moon align enough to allow a more sustainable output.

I have bought and traded pens from Anthony, corresponded via Instagram and met him several times in person. I can tell you he is an all round good egg and a gentleman. The honesty and humour of his blog posts are there to see in the flesh.

There are lots of great blogs out there for the genuine pleasure there is to be had in often inexpensive pens. for his very detailed reviews but has been my favourite. My hope is that unlike Matt from ‘The Pen Habbit’ Anthony can find his way back to writing blog posts.

2 thoughts on “Shout out to Anthony at

  1. I’m certain we will still see him from time to time at group meets – especially if we can bribe his older daughter (for those not in the know, often seen in the videos he does at pen shows and generally reluctant to leave).
    We will just have to keep up the blogging in his memory (alas poor Anthony I remember him well …)

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  2. I agree with these sentiments and was saddened to see that Anthony is ending his excellent UKFountainPens blog. I have been revisiting some of his back catalogue this week. Thank you for the mention too.


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