Parker Sonnet Great Expectations Secret Shell Blue Special Edition

What a mouthful! I bought this pen from the fountain pen blogger, Jedi Master and friend UKFountainPens and was eager to get hold of a Sonnet with an 18k nib.

Parker and I go back a long way. I used a Parker 25 and 45 almost exclusively for years but as time went by my head was turned by other makes.

On paper the Sonnet is not really a pen I’d for now. It is too small with a narrow section and small nib, but wait for it…there is a however coming.

This version of the pen comes with an 18k gold medium nib and it’s a good one. Anthony sold the pen as a medium but the little ‘f’ might indicate that is is fine. It does write like a fine but I cannot be sure. In terms of flow and wetness it can definitely be given the moniker of Goldilocks – just write. (Did you see what I did there? Sorry, couldn’t resist). The writing experience is very enjoyable and although firm there is a little line variation to be had if you push a little.

Normally I do not post my pens but on this pen it works. The balance of the pen is better and it makes things very comfortable.

The section is quite narrow and a little like holding a pencil. I actually find it very comfortable and for reasons unknown have found that my handwriting is better using this pen. The metal section has a pattern etched onto it and I do not find my fingers slipping.

It’s a cartridge/converter pen and this I have no issues with. It is easy to clean, maintain and changing inks is but a bulb syringe away.

I like this little pen. Along with my Graf von Faber-Castell Classic, it will become one of my loyal travelling companions, ready for any notes in the field.

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