Shout out to Lamy

You might have read the self inflicted damage I caused to the nib of a less than a week old Lamy Imporium. After a suggestion from a reader of this very blog, I took their advice and reached out to Lamy.

Taking the nib off the pen, I placed it in a padded envelope and sent it off to Lamy in Germany. I also included a very honest explanation of how I ruined my own nib and proof of purchase. Sending it off more in hope than having any real expectations of them doing anything, I waited.

To my amazement I got a package from Lamy 15 days later. Opening it up was a perfect extra-fine, Z56 nib. Now, I do not know whether Lamy replaced or repaired my nib but I am very, very grateful.

I like Lamy pens a great deal and having a look through a few places I store my pens I discovered that I have more pens made by Lamy than any other brand – by some considerable margin.

So, a huge thank you to Lamy – perhaps taking pity on me – for helping me out. In my experience Lamy is definitely up there with some of the best customer care out there.

Again a huge thank you to Lamy.

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