Lamy Imporium nib disaster

I don’t know about you dear reader but I look after my pens. I am not the sort of chap who keeps them in mint, as new, showroom condition but prefer to use them. For me, not using a pen would just be a waste. Of course this afternoon things went disastrously wrong?

The Lamy Imporium has been a pen on my radar for ages and I decided to take the plunge. In short, I love this pen to the extent I’ve used nothing else. (Should have got one ages ago).

While cleaning the pen I was flicking the pen back and forth to expel the last remaining traces of water. If you have ever seen ‘Carry on Camping’ you might recall Kenneth Williams exercising while doing the famous, in and fling…in and fling manoeuvre. It was while performing my third or fourth in and fling that it happened. My beloved new prize was launched across the bathroom. My Lamy Imporium became a dart thrown from the hand of another 1970s icon, Jockey Wilson and I could almost fancy I heard a shout of ‘180!’ It was with a heavy tread that I walked over to see the nib bent – like that of a fude.

I cannot bring myself to post a photo of the nib as it is now. Needless to say I will have to order another Z56 as soon as I can!

Let this be a cautionary tale people and until next time…I would be alone.

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