Visiting Hughenden Manor

This morning I decided to utilise my National Trust membership by visiting Hughenden Manor, once the home of former British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli.

I had been in the area for some quick fountain pen shenanigans and decided to pay another visit to this place and also get a cup of tea and a slice of cake – always important when you are putting fountain pen to paper and deliberating all things fountain pen!

As I was walking up and down stairs and in and out of rooms it was busy to say the least and I could not help but think of the Norman Wisdom film ‘Press for time.’ At the end of – this for reasons I cannot remember – loads of people go into to view a newly built house with the end result it is wrecked. (I’m sure it’s on YouTube if you are curious). Walking around, all being incredibly British and polite to each as we negotiated the various rooms I was almost giggling to myself.

On the fountain pen front the pens I viewed nearby were quite spectacular but the prices being charged for them bordered on fantasyland. It’s hard out there people!

2 thoughts on “Visiting Hughenden Manor

  1. Friend of a friend hooked me up with a collector who is moving across the pond and not taking many of his pens with him. He’ll be taking all of them with him – I suspect deliberately ludicrous prices so that he can and no one buys them!


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