Resisting the call for a Pelikan M1000!

I recently wrote a blog post titled ‘Xbox or PlayStation?’ In this I compared this to the Montblanc 149 and Pelikan M1000. Owning a 149 I am now resisting the urge for an M1000…

Don’t know about you but when in the past I’ve though about buying a car, ever other car I see seems to be that model. So it has been with the M1000. I have been amazed at people I thought might use – at best – a bitten Bic ballpoint pen, got out their M1000’s!

So far I have tested out three. A medium nib and two fine nibs. Ten years ago I owned and sold an M1000 with a fine nib and having written with them again, I was almost transported back in time. Pelikan nibs are wonderful things.

However, I already think I have too many pens – as evidenced by the fact I recently sold several of them. Do I need an M1000? No. Do I want one? Of course! I really do think that the time has come to enjoy and appreciate what I have.

What about you dear reader. Have you ever found yourself in the same predicament and how successful were you in resisting?! (Sorry in advance if the photos tempt you)!

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