More pens for sale

After my little clear out of some rather high-end pens I decided that I would offer for sale some pens that are much more affordable and all excellent in their own way.

Payment will be via PayPal friends and family and postage is included in the price.

If you are not in the UK postage will be extra.

I will keep these up for sale for a couple of weeks after which they will be put back in the drawer. There wont’t be any discounts this time.

Contact me via the email on the blog or via a message on Instagram.

Sailor Professional Gear Slim – Supernova Special Edition with Zoom nib – £65. Sold

This pen is boxed and comes with a Sailor convertor. The Zoom Nib is like nothing else, providing a very broad and juicy line. Holding the pen at a more vertical angle makes the line thinner. You are supposed to be able to reverse write but this pen definitely doesn’t but with that Zoom nib producing that lovely thick like you probably wouldn’t want to.

Lamy Aion – Broad nib – £30

A large pen that is sleek and minimal in design. No box or convertor.

TWSBI Vac 700 R – Fine nib £50

I large pen that holds a huge amount of ink. It writes well and the greta thing about it all is that you can completely disassemble the entire pen. I include the dismantling tool but it does not come with a box.

2 x Kaweco Syline Classic Sport Fox – Medium nibs with converters £15 each

These are boxed and come with the mini convertor allowing you to ditch the cartridges if you wish. Both have medium nibs.

Lamy Joy 1.5mm £15

Lamy Joy calligraphy pen with a 1.5mm nib. The great thing is that you can quite easily swop this nib out to any of the many different Lamy nibs quite inexpensively. Boxed with one blue cartridge and never used.



TWSBI Go Medium nib £15

A really fun pen that this simple and easy to use. Medium nib that writes well.


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