Fountain Pens…it’s tribal people!

When dipping your toes into fountain pen land you might lean towards a certain brand. For example my pens are almost exclusively European in origin and hail from Italy, Germany and Belgium (yes you read correctly Belgium). Going hand in hand with buying and using pens, inks and various items of stationery, is the need to share all of this on various forms of social media. This had brought me to the conclusion that there are people passionate about certain brands bordering on the tribal.

My foray into fountain pen social media has not extended further than this humble blog and Instagram. There is a mountain of information on various fountain pen forums and many people who contribute to them on a regular basis. It is here that the tribal nature of fountain pen ownership can be seen.

I have read about people sharing their experiences of buying a certain brand of pen and it not matching their expectations. Naturally they are not pleased about this and share their thoughts. Some agree and post their own feelings. Others post an impassioned defence of what must be their favourite pen or brand.

My question to you is which brand attracts the most brand loyalty and why?


One thought on “Fountain Pens…it’s tribal people!

  1. This has not been my experience of the online fountain pen community. You may find some argumentative threads on FPN but I have found most folks whom I come across on Instagram and WordPress to be reasonable and considerate, not confrontational. Thus I could not say which brand attracts the most fierce loyalty.


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