Diplomat Esteem – a bargain!?

Diplomat are a pen company that have been around since 1922 but until recently a brand that has flown well below the radar for me. Having tested out one of their pens, the Esteem, at the recent London Pen Club Meeting I knew I had to check them out.

Fellow blogger https://rupertarzeian.com brought his Esteem with him and I was rather impressed by the nib. On the way home I searched where you could get one from and for how much. Most sellers sold them for around the £50 mark. For me at least at that price I decided to pass. However, the retail outlet Ryman had them for £24.99 (and slightly less as there was a 10% off code). For that price, I placed an order.

I had the pen delivered (free) to a central London branch of Ryman. A few days later it was ready to collect so I walked the short distance to collect it.

Getting the pen home I searched around for a converter as one is not included, although mine came with three ink cartridges. Ironically the converter I found was a Diplomat branded one I must have bought ages ago for another pen. I filled up the pen with Montblanc Corn Poppy Red, hoping to get the same writing experience I had encountered with Rupert’s pen. I did. The pen glided across the page producing a true medium line. Ink flow was excellent, it too wet and certainly not dry. It didn’t skip or have hard starts and has been faultless since buying it. If I were blind testing the pen not knowing what material the nib was made of, steel would not have been my first guess. I have used gold nibs that haven’t been half as good.

The Esteem is quite a small and thin pen by what I normally write with but is is still comfortable in use. It’s a great pen and I do think it would be worth the £45 – £50 price. In fact I can’t think of a pen in this price range that could better the writing experience.

The Esteem next to my Montblanc 146 Platinum Line

If you live in the UK (not sure if Ryman post internationally) you might still be able to pick one of these up for £24.99. At that price it’s a bargain!

One thought on “Diplomat Esteem – a bargain!?

  1. Thanks for the mention. I am delighted to hear that your model has an equally great nib and that mine was not a fluke. It has one of the nicest steel medium nibs that I have come across. You did well to find one at such a good price.


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