London Pen Show – March 2019

The London Pen Show landed here in the capital in March instead of its usual October. I cannot really complain about two shows in one year.

I arrived quite early and as my family and I had stayed at relatives not far away, I enjoyed the couple mile walk to the venue at the Holiday Inn in Bloomsbury.

Walking into the hotel I saw a few regulars from the London Pen Club – Penultimate Dave, Rupert and we chatted for a while before heading in for the early bird 9:30 a.m. start.

In terms of the number of vendors, I couldn’t really see a huge difference between this show and the October one in terms of number. All the big names were there again.

The early bird is definitely worth the extra cost. I had the luxury of almost sauntering round the various stalls several times with temptation at every turn.

The only pens that might have got me spending was something by Graf von Faber-Castell or Montblanc. Sadly I didn’t see any by Graf and the several Montblanc pens I did see didn’t interest me or were priced on the ridiculous side of high.

On the way round I saw UKfountainpens who told me there was a bargain Visconti Medici he was leaning towards. Telling him to get on and buy it I continued around the stalls. I discovered later on that he got it.

After about forty minutes I stepped outside to buy myself a coffee, knowing that my nightclub-style wristband would permit me entry back in. Pen hunting is thirsty work people!! This is when things took an interesting turn where pure chance or fate came into play.

Buying a coffee at a nearby establishment, on the way out I saw an old university friend. The last I heard he had emigrated overseas and for several reasons we had lost contact. Having a few decades to catch up on both of us abandoned our plans for the rest of the morning. For me this was going back to the London Pen Show.

Despite coming away with absolutely nothing I still enjoyed the pen show. It’s great that London now gets two shows. Looking at the various forms of social media I can see that many of the London Pen Club members picked up some great pens. I hope to see some of them at future pen club meets. Of course, if I had not attended the pen show I would not have resumed contact with an old friend. Here’s looking forward to the October pen show!

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