Possible Graf ink flow solution

You might have read my recent blog post about my ‘Graf von Faber-Castell Intuition Platino Ebony’ and its occasional ink starvation issue. I have been testing a possible solution for the past week or so and think the issue is no more.

The pen occasionally suffers an almost ink starvation issue that results in the pen running dry after a longer writing session. I know that many pen companies employ a system of ball bearings to act as an agitator. I couldn’t find any that fitted well but the solution came with a small section of spring culled from a cheap ballpoint pen.

With the small section of spring inside the converter it does the job of agitating the ink and so far I have not experienced any ink starvation issues, even after some very lengthy note taking – at a meeting that went on for hours.

The only caveat I can see is that I will have to keep any eye on the spring as it is likely it will rust. Nothing too arduous there.

I have to confess that I liked the pen so much, this issue didn’t bother me as a few taps on the side of the barrel was all that was required to get things going again. This seems like a more long-term solution.

3 thoughts on “Possible Graf ink flow solution

  1. That’s brilliant. I do have some converters with coiled steel inside which have the advantage of sliding up and down without impeding the flow. To use a piece from a ballpoint pen is ingenious.

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