Loving the Graf von

I have had my ‘Graf von Faber-Castell Intuition Platino Ebony for a few weeks now. It has not left my daily carry along with my Montblanc 146 LeGrand Platinum Line and Montblanc 149, so there is a bit of a German theme going on here.

The Graf is an unusual pen. It is quite short but its wide barrel made out of one piece of wood makes it supremely comfortable.

The 18ct broad nib is a joy. It glides – and occasionally sings depending on paper being used – and produces a generous medium-wet line effortlessly (although it’s officially a broad).

It isn’t perfect. I was warned by UKfountainpens that after some longer writing sessions the pen will start to run dry. It does do this more often than not but I have countered this by occasionally tapping the side of the pen a couple of times with a finger as I write, perhaps agitating the ink in the converter which serves as an effective solution to this problem.

This is a flagship pen in the Graf von range and holding the pen you are certainly aware that it is from the top drawer. Everything is just right, from the cap that glides on and off with an over engineered click to the way you turn the base to get the converter out.

Even the engraving on top of the cap is perfect. The words ‘Handmade in Germany’ on the back of the cap can be believed.

There are so many things about this pen I shouldn’t like. The size, the fact ink is supplied by a converter rather than something more befitting the obvious engineering and the ink starvation issues.

Despite all this I cannot help but love this pen. If – heaven forbid – I lost it I would be devastated to the point I would have to buy / find another one exactly the same. Perhaps in the end that is the highest compliment I can pay.

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