UK South Pen Club February meet up.

The February meet up of the UK South Pen Club was on Saturday, 16th and with a few hours before other commitments I was allowed to attend.

The location was the ‘Heron on the Lake’ in Fleet. I made very good time and got there about 11:30 a.m. Penultimate Dave arrived not too long after me and we wasted little time heading inside.

The ‘Heron on the Lake’ must be a very popular location as the manager had to have a look to see which table he could give us as he had 120 people booked for luncheon! He informed us that that table was ours until 19:00!

Dave had a few new pens that he had acquired and that I had asked whether he could bring.

The first of these was a Visconti Knights Templar. In the flesh this was a beast of a pen. It made a Visconti Opera Master look small. If fact it was larger than Dave’s Visconti Speakeasy – a very large pen.

In the hand the pen wasn’t heavy at all but certainly had substance to it. It was actually quite comfortable for such a large pen and wrote rather well.

The pen was fitted with the familiar Visconti #6 palladium nib. I am a fan of these nibs but I do wonder why Visconti do not use a larger (perhaps #8 sized nib) for pens of this size?

Next up was the Scribo ‘Feel.’ Dave had two versions, dark blue and grey. Both were fitted with medium extra-flex 14ct nibs. I own two pens by Scribo, the ‘Scribo 2’ in Noble Green and Cardinal Red both with fine extra-flex nibs. They are wonderful pens and the ‘Feel’ is a lovely pen. It will be very interesting to see the direction Scribo go from this point and I’ll be watching.

Two other attendees arrived shortly after one of which was Gary. I had brought a Pilot Custom 912 for Gary to have a look at as I was selling. Gary after having a look at it was buying.

Gary also had a Sribo Feel in grey but with a medium 18ct nib. Again it was a wonderful nib.

In addition Gary also brought his Wancher ebonite pen. The name this pen induced a little sniggering. The pen itself was lovely and wrote with a wet, fine line.

Gary also brought a couple of Onoto pens with him. I have one of these a Magma in orange. I really do like Onoto pens but I am always left thinking they are rather expensive for what they are, if that makes any sense.

After a couple of hours I had to say by goodbyes and leave the rest to it. I do like these meet ups. I cannot always attend the ones in Fleet as being London based I prefer the London meet up.

If you have a pen club near you and you are into or getting into fountain pens have a look to see if any exist. They are definitely worthwhile and fountain pen people are usually a very friendly bunch.

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