Montblanc 146 LeGrand Platinum Line (BMW)

It was fellow blogger ukfountainpens who first alerted me to a Montblanc fountain pen available from BMW of all places. With very understated BMW branding and a price tag of £350 it looked like a bargain.

Buying the pen from BMW was fairly painless. An email to say they had received my order followed by one saying my order had placed. After a wait of about five days I received tracking information and the pen arrived.

I owned a 146 many years ago but that was in the gold finish. The black/silver finish of the Platinum Line was different. The BMW branding amounts to some 7’s on the clip. That’s it. My brain tells me that the 7’s have something to do with James Bond so the marketing link to the BMW 7 series is lost on me.

I have used this pen for a number of weeks since owning it – every day in fact – and I have to report I love it. The medium nib is very much a ‘Goldilocks’ type. Not too wet, not too dry. I can use it quite happily as a daily workhorse without overly long drying times. It is a smooth writer with a hint of feedback and was perfect from day one. The piston filler is smooth and the pen holds a very decent amount of ink.

I have only over used Montblanc, Irish Green in it so far but I do look forward to trying some Toffee Brown at some point.

This really is a great pen and I am glad I got it. Many may say that £350 is a lot for a pen but if you have a look at buying one of these from your local Montblanc seller (without the BMW branding) it will cost a great deal more. For £350 it is a bargain and for me a keeper.

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