First Pen Club Meeting of 2019

Last Saturday was the first pen club meeting of 2019. Visiting relatives not too far away I was going to walk the couple of miles to the meeting point near Liverpool Street station but messed up the timing.  I therefore had to resort to taking a few stops on the tube to make it in time.

For this Pen Club meet-up I brought a couple of my Visconti, Conid and Pilot pens. The great thing about pen clubs – especially this one – is that many people bring with them lots of pens (and occasionally ink) that you have not seen before but would really like to try out.

Some people might be put off them as I suspect a perception prevails that it is all about expensive pens. Yes, there are many pens that are ‘grail’ territory (which are usually quite expensive) but I am as happy at seeing a £14.99 Lamy Safari as I am seeing something costing considerably more. Naturally, there was a great deal of pens to ogle over!

First up was a ‘Montblanc Heritage Rouge Noir.’ This one had an extra-fine nib and it really was! It produced a lovely thin and precise line. I took quite a liking to it.

Next to ogle over was the ‘Montegrappa Extra 1930 Shiny Lines.’ (Don’t fountain pens seem to have longer and longer names)! This was a ‘Goulet Pen Company’ exclusive but I think it has now sold out.

Also on display was an ‘Armando Simioni Bologna Extra Arco Verde.’ (See what I mean about pen names! This is a very good looking pen to say the least.

I had a chance to write ‘the quick brown fox’ which is as much as I wrote, with an OMAS Paragon. Another lovely pen.

There were a few Visconti Opera Master pens in addition to the ones I brought with me and two caught my attention. The blue ‘Luna’ on the right, again an exclusive for the ‘Goulet Pen Company’ was a stunner.

The last pen that caught my attention (for the second time) was Rupert’s ‘Delta Fanasia Vintage’ in green. I think of all the pens I saw today, this was among my favourites. It looks good and writes well. I even liked what it was inked up with – Graf von Faber-Castell, Moss Green.

Sadly, after just over two hours I had to be somewhere else so made my goodbyes. On the way back home, I somehow ended up in a shop that sold Graf von Faber-Castell, Moss Green and you can guess the rest…





























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































One thought on “First Pen Club Meeting of 2019

  1. It was good to see you on Saturday. It sounds like you might be needing one of those Delta Fantasia Vintage pens, from Stilograf Corsani. Particularly since you know the secret to aligning the patterns on the cap and the barrel! It is quite unusual to have a new pen in celluloid and at this price point, but the price is kept down by having a steel nib and a cartridge-converter filling mechanism. Some of the colours look really stunning.

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