Scribo 2 in Noble Green

I have had the ‘Scribo 2’ on my radar for several weeks. Before I dive into this wonderful pen (oh no, you probably have an idea where this is going now) a little bit of background is probably needed.

This is a lovely pen!

You may have heard of how the new pen company ‘Scribo’ came into being with the demise of OMAS back in 2015. Several staff who lost their jobs when OMAS was no more remained in contact, got together and Scribo was born.

The ‘Scribo 2’ is an exclusive for ‘Write Here Ltd’ who are an independent pen shop in Shrewsbury, Shropshire – a lovely part of the world with a huge amount of history. ‘Write Here Ltd’ used to be the UK distributor for OMAS and as they had a strong relationship with them, when ‘Scribo’ came into being they offered opportunity for an exclusive pen.

The original collaboration was a light grey coloured pen called the ‘Scribo’ and was launched at the London Pen Show in October 2017. I remember seeing it there, liked the look of it but so overwhelmed by my first pen show, ended up not buying it.

The ‘Scribo 2’ is a similar pen but available in Noble Green (the one I have) and Cardinal Red. As I type this, the Noble Green version is now sold out, so I am very pleased I bought one when I did! It was a hard task choosing between them as I liked both colours.


The pen is made of a generously thick acrylic material that radiates between dark and light green. There is a lovely chatoyance about it and when it catches the light it really is quite stunning. The fit and finish is also perfect and to a very high standard.

As far as size goes, it is not a small pen. I have lined the pen up with a Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age and a Lamy Safari so that you can get an idea of its size. I have large hands and find the ‘Scribo 2’ to be extremely comfortable.


The cap does not post. It is a large enough pen that it does not need to be posted and I never post the caps on any of my pens anyway so not an issue.

There is a large step-down from the barrel to the section but this is not a problem as the section is long and affords a very comfortable grip.


Okay, what about the all important nib and how it writes. The nib is available in a good range of options. It is based on the OMAS OM81 nib and is another nod to Scribo’s origins. There is an 18ct gold, rhodium coated nib in broad to extra-fine and then an extra-flex in 14ct gold, rhodium coated in broad to extra-fine.


The feed is hand-cut ebonite and together with the nib (which writes like a dream) it produces lovely wet line.


Excuse my terrible handwriting below but this pen is a joy to write with. I just love it. You can get quite a bit of line variation from my fine extra-flex nib but I doubt whether I will do this a great deal. Just writing with it is a pleasurable experience and the nib glides. Depending on the ink used you can get some lovely shading from your chosen ink. My favourite colour ink is green and I can see me only using green ink in this pen. I write a lot in my job and know already that I will use it a great deal.

The only other flex nib I had is my Pilot Custom Heritage 912 with its FA nib. That one is among one of my favourite writers. The ‘Scribo 2’ is not just a better writer, it is on another level.

The ‘Scribo 2’ is a piston filler and holds a good amount of ink. There are pens possessing other fillings mechanisms that are much more elaborate (I own a few of them) but it seems rather fitting for this pen not to have one. It doesn’t need to shout about what it does, it simply gets on with things and does them well.


The pen has some nice detailing that shows off the ‘Write Here Ltd’ theme. It also has ‘Scribo Italy on the cap band and the number of the pen as part of its limited edition of 50 pens.

It comes in a plain, simple box and enclosed is a little booklet telling you about the pen, how to fill it, ‘Scribo’ as a company and ‘Write Here Ltd.’


It is great that ‘Write Here Ltd’ also has a high street presence as well as the internet. John Hall – who founded the shop in 2004 – is a great chap and there is a strong chance that if you ask a question about some of the more expensive pens, it will be him who will reply.

I have never owned an OMAS pen but I do know that they were highly regarded and have many devotees to the brand that once was. I suspect this is the closest I will come to owning one. If OMAS pens were half as good as this one, I can appreciate why.

When I ordered this pen I posted on Instagram a prediction that I would like this pen as I had seen and used one at a pen club meeting. My prediction was correct. I will make another prediction. I suspect this pen will be part of my daily carry for the foreseeable future as it is that good!

Link to the Write Here Ltd website

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