Daily Carry – week commencing 31/12/18

Given half the chance I would take lots of pens with me as part of my daily carry. Despite taking them with me, there are occasions where I do not use them at all. If you read my plans for 2019 you will already know that I plan to select one pen which I will carry and use every day for a week and two others that I can change on a daily basis if I wish.

The pen I have chosen to take with me every day this week is my Visconti Opera Master River Thames Sunrise. Like the Visconti Opera Master River Thames Midday with the silver finish, I love this pen! It is filled with Pelikan Edelstein, Aventurine. This green has become a favourite of mine since first using it.

Left to right: Visconti Homo sapiens Bronze Swirl; Visconti Opera Master River Thames Sunrise; Visconti Opera Master River Thames Midday

The two pens I have chosen to go with this (which I have not actually changed since I selected them on New Year’s Eve are the Visconti Homo sapiens Bronze Swirl, filled with Robert Oster, Caffe Crema and my Visconti Opera Master River Thames Midday filled with Pelikan Edelstein, Topaz.


All of the pens below are fitted with fine nibs and write with a generous – but not firehose – wet line.

The strange thing about these particular pens is that they have only ever been filled with the ink stated. I cannot think of putting another ink in the Bronze Swirl as Robert Oster, Caffe Crema seems just about perfect for it to me.

The two Opera Master pens each came with a large bottle of Visconti blue ink. I have only heard good things about this but have yet to open it. In fact I didn’t include them in my recent blog post about the number of ink bottles I have, so I have 25 rather than 23!!

I have a ‘Scribo 2’ in Noble Green on the way soon and I am sure that if all goes well it may well replace one of the two pens I am allowing myself to replace. I look forward to its arrival!!

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