2019 Fountain Pen Plans

With 2019 but a step away I decided to think about what I have planned for the New Year as far as fountain pens are concerned.

If you have read my recent blog post on ink, you will already know that it is my intention to purchase no more in 2019. We will have to see whether to not I am able to stick to this or fall off the ink wagon!

I currently have a fairly good fountain pen hoard of 10 pens – many of which could be regarded as grail pen by some – and in truth need to buy nothing at all. (Easier said than done).  I have some rather good offerings from Visconti, Conid and Pilot but I am lacking in the Pelican department and I really do want one for 2019. I owned an M1000 a few years ago and sold it on, which I do regret.

In addition to this I have always wanted to dip my toe in Graf von Faber-Castell waters as I have occasionally used their perfect pencils for a number of years and enjoyed that feeling of high quality.

Sailor is another pen manufacture I like a great deal and if the right pen came along it would be a strong contender to find its way into my pen case.

As I liked the material used in the ‘Visconti, London Fog’ so much I had planned to try and find one. This has now been put to rest as I have two versions of the Opera Master River Thames – Sunrise and Midday. The London Fog material is used throughout rather than just the cap on these pens and they are also larger and more imposing. They have very quickly become favourites of mine.

A pen that has been on the radar for several weeks is the ‘Scribo 2’ by a great company in Shewsbury, ‘Write Here.’ Having the opportunity to see this pen in the flesh at a pen club meet, I knew I liked the way it looked, its size and more importantly the way it wrote. Today I placed an order for one in Noble Green with a 14k fine flex nib. I am neither clairvoyant nor possess the Force but I am pretty sure I am going to get on really well with this pen.

One thing I do plan to do is to attend as many of the London pen club gatherings as possible. Pen clubs/gatherings are a great way to see all sorts of pens in the flesh as apposed to in an advertisement or YouTube review. They can be places where you can get quite easily turned to the Dark Side when you see what other people bring along! Dave, Anthony, Rupert, Gary!!

Hearing about the Pelican Hub meet up in London I would like to attend. I will have to find out how one would go about signing up to this as I haven’t a clue. I suppose that actually owning a Pelican fountain pen would be a good start to this as well!

I also hope to attend a couple of pen shows in 2019. It looks as if there might be two being held in London for 2019 which would be great. If that is the case I would try to attend both.

I am pretty good in the number of pens I take with me as part of a daily carry, which is normally restricted to just three pens. I want to try and pick one pen as part of that daily carry that I will use for a full week before changing it for another. The other two can remain fairly fluid and be changed whenever I feel like it.

Whatever your plans are for 2019, I hope that it brings you good luck and lots of opportunities to use the pens you currently have inked and the ones that might become new additions to your collection.

Have a very happy New Year!!






One thought on “2019 Fountain Pen Plans

  1. Thanks for the mention! Congratulations on your new Scribo in Noble Green from Write Here of Shrewsbury. There cannot be many of them left now. It should fit well with your collection. Registering for the Pelikan Hub events is easy. You just sign up online from the Pelikan website once registration opens in the summer, (assuming that they are doing it again in 2019). For all the Pelikan news, follow Joshua’s excellent blog, The Pelikan’s Perch (if you don’t already). All the very best for 2019 and I look forward to seeing you at the pen club meet-up.

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