Guess the pen game

I am not a fan of public transport and do not like using tube trains in the height of rush hour. Thankfully, my rush hour journeys by tube are now few and far between but I do employ my own game to while away the time. Guess the pen!

The game came from reading books and watching films of Sherlock Holmes in my youth. Occasionally, Sherlock Holmes would be able to tell huge amount of information about a person just by using the clues in their appearance, how they talked or carried themselves. I tried to emulate this by guessing what pen fellow passengers might possess.

It was quite an easy game in the late 1980s and early 1990s as the Filofax was still quite popular. Zoom forward to today, the ever increasing popularity of Midori-type notebooks, journals and other hipster leather bound journals have resurrected this game back from the dead.

In the Filofax era it was Montblanc all the way with the odd Cross and Duofold thrown in for good measure. It was also a 50/50 drawn between fountain pen and ballpoint. I seemed to be able to spot what person would own what pen reasonably well.

Today there is a much more interesting variety. Last week before lots of teenagers got off for the stop near their school, I saw a Lamy Safari  in bright red, some four-colour bic ball pens, a Berol handwriting pen and one of those new Parker Jotter ballpens that are blinged-up but look rather good. All my predictions about what pen certain people might have were all wrong.

As the tube got closer to the City the usual predictability of the Montblanc was still as popular as I remember and I scored very highly. The most interesting sighting was a lady using a Rotring Art Pen to make some notes on some paperwork. I would have guessed her to own something slender and gold or silver.

Do you own a pen that others may be surprised by?

2 thoughts on “Guess the pen game

  1. Sounds good fun! For me though, one consequence of being over-penned is that I use such a wide array of fountain pens that even pen friends who know me well would be hard put to predict what I am carrying on any given ride on the London underground. If you see me today though, it will be my Waterman Carene.

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