Ink Mountain!

With Brexit in the news – well it has been for over two years – I read an article where someone prattled on about the past woes of the Common Agricultural Policy. It involved huge surpluses of various food items being stockpiled and ending up not being used at all. As I put a new bottle of ‘Robert Oster, Caffe Crema’ onto a shelf that contained two other unused bottles of ‘Robert Oster, Caffe Crema’ I could not help in seeing the similarity.

Thinking about this a little further (always a dangerous action) I discovered that I possessed no less than 23 bottles of ink….23! I then wondered where on earth they had all come from? Had they in some way multiplied? Had the ink fairies been secretly supplying me with bottles of ink for good deeds? No. It will come as no surprise to you that I bought them!

Some of you out there might remember a television programme called, ‘Record Breakers.’ In this various records from ‘The Guinness Book of Records’ were talked about. One that stuck with me was to do with the composer Mozart. He was so prolific that if one listened to his music being performed continuously, it would take several days to get through it all. With 23 bottles of ink I wondered how long it would take me to get through them all? Some of you reading this might be calculating how many bottles of ink you have and 23 may be viewed as nothing!

My initial thoughts when confronting this fact was to think about seeking some kind of professional help. It is bad enough to be addicted to like fountain pens, but to have similar levels of enthusiasm for ink!

With a heavy tread I walked my bottle of ‘Robert Oster, Cafe Crema’ back to the shelf, lined it up with the other two and and momentarily pondered whether or not four bottles might the order of the day, just in case. Metaphorically slapping my own face, I tried to pull myself together.

New Years Day and thus New Year’s Resolution is but a step away and I have decided that no money will change hands in the purchase of ink for 2019! This will not be easy. I will keep you posted and if you are reading this, how many bottles of ink do you have?






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