How much!!?

The slippery slope of all things fountain pen, is that there may come a time when you part company with a large sum of money to buy one. To you, the amount in question was perfectly justifiable…in fact quite reasonable. You are seen using your new pride and joy by friends, family, work colleagues and eventually things get vulgar and someone summons the courage ask the question that essentially boils down to, how much? The answer is given and the reply back is usually an incredulous, how much!!?

What might happen when the bombshell of revealing the price paid, is you trying to justify it. You regale them with talk of just how limited an edition it is. How there are oversize pens but this one could be taken into battle. How it is a grail pen. How the large nib is fashioned out of various precious metals or how the actual material of the pen has been made from unicorn horn and thus possesses an incredible chatoyancy when caught by the light of a full moon before the spring equinox! Now that last one about unicorn horn I made up but you get the idea!!

Utility – as last used in A-level economics several years ago – is the value and satisfaction a consumer derives from purchasing something. To you at least, there is no problem whatsoever in handing over lots of your hard earned cash to fund the fountain pen addiction buy that special pen.

At work I recently had to stop myself saying, ‘how much!!?’ when a couple of colleagues talked about the cost of some rather exclusive handbags they had purchased in the past. I suspect they get this a lot in the same way people into watches, cars, bicycles, shoes, coats, eating at certain restaurants – the list is endless – do as well.

What is justifiable and reasonable to one person is the ‘how much!!?’ to another. I would argue in this season of goodwill, we are all on the same team and shouldn’t really ask ‘how much!!?’ in the way the punctuation I have employed suggests.

Now, have I told you about the fountain pen I am after next? It is incredibly expensive but has inlaid unicorn horn…

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