Kaweco Sport Skyline Fox

Like many of you out there, wherever possible I always carry a fountain pen with me. For the occasions where a Conid Kingsize or Visconti Opera Master just isn’t practical, I have always looked to ultra compact offerings from Kaweco.

I bought one of these completely by chance a few weeks ago when completely by chance I found myself at the ‘London Graphics Centre’ in Covent Garden looking for some very specific art pencils for my daughter. The pen in question was as the post of this blog suggests was the Sport Skyline Fox.

I have a couple of these pens but the orange colour was very appealing. At £19.99 it wouldn’t break the bank either.

The ‘Sport’ is a very compact pen and for me unusable unless posted. Of course, this is essentially how it is meant to be used. Posted the pen is a good size, comfortable and easily used for longer writing sessions. You can buy a clip to attach to the pen but I have always kept mine without.

The ‘Sport’ range of pens are finished pretty well and very lightweight. There are no fancy resins or celluloids here, just coloured plastic. This for me is their great appeal. They can be carried very easily in just about any pocket, to the extent you forget they are there at all.


The nib I went for was a medium (the only grade they had when I bought it) and is produced by ‘Bock’ with Kaweco livery. Out of the box the pen wrote well with no hard starts, skips etc. It just worked. It is a fairly stiff nib and isn’t the wettest writer (although I know a few people who have worked on their nibs so that they are better in this regard). For its intended purpose of being a pen you carry around to take the odd note on the go, it scores very highly and I wouldn’t want firehose nib when using it in this way.

If you don’t like the nib the pen came with you can buy several different types swop them out very easily. Again this is something that won’t break the bank.

Being a small pen it can only take a standard short international ink cartridge, one of which is included. Of course this isn’t strictly true. For about £4 you can buy a simple little converter that allows you to use bottled ink. If you are buying any of theses pens I would strongly suggest you do. This converter works well and really does transform the pen providing much more scope for variety of ink and also the practicalities of cleaning the pen out.

There are some pretty serious fans of these pens out there. I mentioned earlier that there is a good range of affordable nib options. Some of the more enthusiastic fans of this range of pens, kit them out in 14K gold versions costing several times the amount of the pen itself.

I do like this pen a great deal. I have a white/cream version that I have owned for several years. It had been put through the mill and yet it is still around and writes well. This orange version will replace it. In fact Santa was very kind as I received a second one which I was very pleased about!

One thought on “Kaweco Sport Skyline Fox

  1. These are great pens! I have a few varities now, inclunding the burgundy, a clear and orange demonstrator and the aluminium version. I still like the burgundy (my first Kaweco) the best.

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