Conid Kingsize back from the dead

You might have read my previous blog post in which I describe the painful accident where I actually managed to drop and break my Conid Kingsize Bulkfiller. (Might be worth a look if you haven’t).

After reaching out to Conid they said they could help. I have to confess that I expected any replacement part to come after Christmas and this would have been okay with me. To my amazement Conid contacted me late last week with a tracking number and before noon today, the titanium section and barrel arrived.

When I got home I wasted no time in fitting the nib and filling mechanism parts onto the new section/barrel. In a couple of minutes I had my pen back again. Happy, happy, joy!!

I am fortunate to own some lovely pens but I do have a special affection for my Conid pens. There is something about the clean, minimalist style, all that titanium and the build quality that elevates them to grail pen. I am certain I will buy more in the future.

Conid as a company really do deserve high praise here. Let me remind you that I was responsible for breaking my pen. Conid didn’t have to do anything but they did. They also acted swiftly. Enclosed in the envelope with the replacement part was some silicone grease and Conid branded cleaning cloths – again going that extra mile.

Conid want me to send the broken section/barrel back to them so that they can have a closer look at it for possible weaknesses. For this they enclosed the returns label – which they have paid for. Again this shows a company wanting to use my misfortune to ascertain whether they need to do something different. (I have to say I don’t think that  there is any particular weakness in this pen. It was a freak accident and I wager no pen would have survived intact).

I am very pleased to have my pen back and it will be coming with me tomorrow as part of my daily carry. In fact it will be Conid all the way. Rest assured, when I take it out of my pocket, I will be extra careful!!

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