London Pen Club Meet – December

Yesterday – Saturday, 1st December 2018 – was another London Club pen meet. The preceding week had been a busy one and I was looking forward to my fountain pen fix. 

I made the short journey to the meet-up location at ‘Bierschenke’ braving both the weather and Christmas shoppers. (If you like Zombie films or television programmes, just try walking against the general flow of pedestrians on High Street Kensington or similar and you will experience what the zombie apocalypse might be like). 

As I got closer to the ‘City’ the number of people around dropped as it not that busy on weekends. ‘Bierschenke’ is in a part of London I used to work in immediately before/after university and I am glad that this chapter has long since past. 

When I arrived, I saw Dave who as always was in good form. After chatting a while a few more attendees arrived and with the doors opened at 12:00 p.m. sharp we went in.

I had asked Dave beforehand if he wouldn’t mind binging a few of his pens that he had reviewed on his excellent YouTube channel Click here which he kindly did.

The first was the ‘Montegrappa Extra 1930 Shiny Lines Dove’ which is an exclusive at Goulet Pens. I have to say that I was rather impressed and it felt pretty good in the hand being a particularly nice writer, with its medium nib.

Dave also brought his collection of ‘Armando Simoni Club Extra’ pens in Arco Verdi and Arco. These are gorgeous pens and come with a number 8 nib which only comes in one size. They are stunners but just write a little too wet for my taste. I use my pens as everyday writers and need them to be practical – within reason.

Dave had the Verdi pens in both silver and gold trim, a brown Arco in gold trip and a Wild Wide. This is the great thing about a pen club. I might see them in the flesh, at a pen show for example, however I doubt whether I would have the chance to pick one up and have a got with it!!

Rupertarzeian who has an excellent blog Click here brought a number of pens with him of which a ‘Delta Fantasia Vintage’ caught my eye. A quite beautiful pen it wrote really well and is one I will have to look at very seriously. As I turned the pen it really did catch the light, revealing its true colours of the material. 

Cameron brought a few of his Pelikan pens, one of which was his ‘Souveran M815 Metal Stripe’ which was another stunner. I do not own any Pelikan pens any more and really do think that I need rot put this write at some point. There was talk around the table that there may be an M1000 version of this pen. That would be something special!


Anthony, who also has an excellent blog Click here  his ‘Esterbrook Estie’ with him and had the vintage nib section fitted with a ‘2048’ nib. This is an optional extra and allows a huge range of vintage nibs to be used. The ‘2048’ nib put down an ultra-fine line which I liked. Again another pen to put on the must consider list.


After about three and a half hours, it was sadly time for me to bid my farewells until next time.

As I have written before, pens clubs are great places to meet other fountain pen devotees. The only drawback to them is that you might just come away with a shopping list of things you have seen and now want!





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