Oversize pens feeling smaller?

I remember vividly when I first bought a second hand ‘Pelikan M1000’ with its #8 nib. Prior to this, I had deliberated for weeks as to whether it would just be too big for everyday use. I don’t own a M1000 anymore but did use one a friend owns the other day and it struck me that it didn’t seem that big anymore. This got me thinking.

After the M1000 larger pens were definitely my preferred weapon of choice. The ‘Montblanc 146’ was deemed too small and even the 149 didn’t seem that big anymore.

Generally, pens I would have regarded as huge do not seem as large and unwieldy as they might have been a few years ago. My ‘Visconti Homo Sapiens’ and ‘Conid Kingsize’ seem like everyday workhorses. My recently acquired ‘Visconti Opera Master’ – which many observers who have seen me using it have likened to a Lightsaber – to me at least does not seem overly large.

It is perhaps using ever larger pens on a regular basis that makes them feel smaller. What I do know is that seeing all the vintage pens at the recent ‘London Pen Show’ made me wonder how anyone could use such dainty pens?!

I suspect there are parallels to mobile phones. I am typing this entry on a 6.1 inch screen which feels normal and yet a few years ago a much smaller one was perfectly useable but today impractical and minuscule.

I can’t see me wanting to use a pen much larger than an ‘Opera Master’ or one with say a #12 nib (and yes I’ve made that up and do not know if it exists) however the fact remains that current oversize pens, don’t seem as oversize as they might once have been? What do you think?

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