Conid Update

You might have already read that I managed to break one of my Conid Kingsize Bulkfiller fountain pens. I will post a link below just in case you haven’t seen the damage.

Well there is an update. I contacted the wonderful people at Conid and they are going to be sending me a replacement titanium section/barrel as soon as they can.

I have to say that all my dealings with Conid – when purchasing three pens – have been nothing but positive. It is great to know that even after the point of sale, they will do what they can to look after you.

They want me to send the broken parts back to them so that they can have a look at the break in greater detail to ascertain whether there was a weakness. I suspect there isn’t one. What happened was if anything a freak occurrence and one I certainly hope never to repeat. When I knew that the pen was going to fall, in my attempt to counter this, I ended up almost throwing the pen like Tessa Sanderson threw her javelin in her Olympic gold winning performance at Los Angeles in 1984!!

Hopefully Conid will be able to send the part out soon and I will keep you informed as to what happens next.

Keep your pens safe people!!

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