Woe is me! Look what I just did!

It wasn’t that long ago I wrote a blog post about a pen that has been a prized possession since buying it. I now find myself writing another blog post about the same pen, for a very different reason.

My beloved Conid Kingsize with ebonite cap slipped out of my hand when getting it from the breast pocket of my suit and fell.

Now, far from me to stray into the area of hyperbole, but I can tell you that as the pen fell, time stood still, my life flashed before me and I let out a cry not that dissimilar to a wailing banshee. So bad was my attempt to grasp my pen and simply get it out of my pocket, I seemed to almost throw it to the floor next to the Royal Albert Hall of all locations.

Picking up my now broken pen, knowing the worse, I attempted to muster the stiffest of upper lips. Placing it in a handkerchief, with a heavy tread, I took it home.

I have just fired off an email to the lovely people at Conid in the hope that they can offer some help. I will keep you posted. In the meantime, be careful out there people!!

3 thoughts on “Woe is me! Look what I just did!

  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear this. I too have dropped a pen from an inside suit pocket, while pulling out a notebook. Fortunately it did not break (Parker Reflex) but it is a horrible feeling. I do hope Conid can help replace the damaged parts and at least the Titanium nib was protected.

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