Grail Pens – which one is yours?

Anyone with an interest in fountain pens might succumb to desiring a pen that could be regarded a grail pen. In this blog post I will explore this aspect of being a fountain pen fan a little further. Grail pens – perhaps like the Holy Grail – take on a status rendering them almost unobtainable for a combinations of factors.

1) Price

Certain pens, although being highly desirable, are at price point few could afford or justify. This makes them an almost impossible prospect. The pen of your dreams might be sitting there in a shop window or on an online site ready to be placed into the basket, however you cannot bring yourself to commit to buying because of price

2) Scarcity 

Your grail pen might be a limited issue or only released in certain countries and therefore VERY hard to obtain. The company who made them may have gone out of business or it might have been manufactured so long ago there are few examples left. You may have trawled through eBay, attended pen shows or post on the many fountain pen forums that you are in the market for a certain special pen but to no avail. It remains illusive.

3) Fear of disappointment

I have heard of certain people wanting to own a particular brand of red Italian sports car for example but always shying away from buying one – just in case the dream built up in their minds is dashed and it is all an anticlimax. For some, it is exactly the same with certain pens. It is almost as if owning it may be a huge letdown where buyers remorse sets in.

4) Everyone needs to have a grail pen

For some, the notion of having a grail pen is just something fountain pen people do. It is the pen you talk about from time to time, knowing in reality that you probably will never see it, let alone own it.

So, what it my grail pen? If you have read my blog posts so far or followed me on Instagram you might think that it is a limited edition Visconti, or a Conid. The answer is a great deal less exotic. My grail pen is actually a fairly humble ‘Parker 25’ with the fabled orange trim.

The second fountain pen I bought was a standard Parker 25 and along with a Parker 45 I used it until it was no more. I am pretty sure that if I owned one now, #3 would come into play. However, #2 is a factor as I have never seen one in the flesh. I suspect that if I did see one for sale, #1 would be an issue as its price would possibly be more than I was willing to pay, despite it being a grail pen.

I think the ‘Parker 25’ with orange trim will remain a grail pen for many years to come. There is always the chance that I might see one at a pen show and for the right price, so you never know…

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