An adventure with a Visconti Opera Master – ‘River Thames at Midday.’

I always carry a fountain pen with me together with a small note book. Since I bought my Visconti Opera Master – ‘River Thames at Midday’ it has never left my daily carry. An early morning cycle ride was no exception. As I was carrying this pen with me, I could not resist in a few photo opportunities.

My route was quite a simple one. I cycled from the Albert Memorial, through Hyde Park and then along The Mall. From there I headed to the London Eye and along the Southbank to Blackfriars Bridge. From there I cycled to the Millennium Bridge where my first photo was taken.

Over the River Thames

In addition to a chap taking photographs of a fountain pen, there was a couple having wedding photographs taken. As I composed my shot, it occurred to me that they would surly get some good ones for the album.

By the River Thames

The next port of call was near St Katherine’s Docks where on a small pier I managed to stand on the Thames. There are several hotels hear this location, where lots of people were signing out and awaiting taxis. The puzzled expressions on their faces was a picture in itself!

On the River Thames

Cycling further east I eventually reached Millwall Park. Looking out across the Thames I could see a couple of rowing 4’s out in force braving what looked like choppy waters. In addition I could see the Old Naval College and the Cutty Sark.

My way across the Thames was simple. I would use the foot tunnel. The Greenwich foot tunnel was opened in 1902 and is accessed by two entrance shafts at both ends. The tunnel is 370.2 metres long and 15.2 metres below the Thames.

Under the River Thames

With enough photos taken I headed back and in all clocked up just over 20 miles. I enjoyed doing this and can see myself carrying on the theme in a slightly different way another time. In case you are wondering, I did use the pen taking the odd note when I was out and about.

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