Franklin-Christoph Penvelope Six

When you get into fountain pens you essentially have more than one. Unless you like your pens rolling around in your bag, coat pocket or heaven forbid the back pocket of a pair of jeans, you might want to invest in a case.

If you really get into fountain pens and own several, you’re going to need a bigger case. I have written about this being #2 on the way to fountain pen addiction click here and thought I would write a review on a pretty good one.

The American fountain pen company ‘Franklin-Christoph’ have something called the ‘Penvelope Six.’ These come in a range of colours and finishes but are essentially the same thing – a fountain pen case that holds up to six pens.

I have two. One is leather and called ‘Boot Brown’ and the other a grey fabric version called ‘Suit Gray.’

The ‘Boot Brown’ is in a distressed leather that will mark and therefore acquire a patina over time. It is rather lovely and smells incredible when brand new. The ‘Suit Gray’ has a cotton/polyester outer cover and both feature an inner waxed-canvas.

As far as dimension go the Penvelope is approximately 16cm wide by 17cm tall with a width of 3cm. It is very compact. A concealed magnet on the flap closes things pretty well.


Inside the case accommodates six pens – hence the name – and those pens can be pretty large. As you can see in the photo above I have an Opera Master, some Homo Sapiens and a couple of Conid Kingsize pens and all fit very happily inside. Small pens i.e. not very long don’t fair as well so keep that in mind.

Current costs are $69.50 for the ‘Boot Brown’ and $59.50 for the ‘Suit Gray.’ If you live outside America free delivery is available if you spend over $100 so you might want to see if a friend wants to buy something at the same time. By the way, the delivery time from America is astonishing, 2-days if you order early their time.

The cases are both well made, robust and have lasted being put into a saddlebag on a bicycle almost every day. For me there are not really any negatives but one thing to keep in mind is that for my ‘Boot Brown’ case – perhaps due to the slightly thicker material – the magnet to keep the flap closed does not seem as powerful as it is on the thinner material of the ‘Suit Gray.’ It still works but just thought I would mention.

I really like theses cases and have had both for some time, using them almost every day. Franklin-Christoph also sell another case called the ‘Lucky 13 Penvelope’ holding more than double the capacity of pen. Do understand though that you really will be succumbing to fountain pen addiction, if you get one of those!

Link to the Franklin-Christoph site here.

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