‘SBRE Brown’ Ink Review

It is probably true to say that if you like fountain pens, you have probably watched some of the entertaining and informative YouTube videos by SBREBrown. A few years ago he actually came out with his own ink made by Diamine in a fetching shade of…brown.

I missed the boat a couple of times when trying to order this however when hints started to appear that a new batch was imminent, I aimed to be ready. Luck was on my side and after getting home from work I placed an order for a couple of bottles from ‘Akkerman’ in Amsterdam and before I knew it the ink had arrived.

Wasting little time I selected two of my pens that will always have brown ink sloshing around their innards. One was my ‘Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age’ and the other my newly acquired ‘Homo Sapiens Bronze Swirl.’ Both pens have been filled with either ‘Robert Oster Caffe Crema’ or ‘Pelikan Edelstein Smoky Quartz.’ Both of these inks are particular favourites (especially the Robert Oster) and the SBRE Brown ink needed to be really special to replace them.

Both of the above pens have fine nibs and using the ink for the first time the colours on the off-white page of my ‘Leuchtturm1917’ notebook made me think of fallen leaves in Autumn. It is a fairly free-flowing ink with an orange-red, copper tone to it. Drying time is pretty good (paper quality dependant naturally) and there is some nice shading to be had – even with the fine nibs I was using. I would imagine that this aspect would be enhanced when using broader nibs.

One added bonus of this ink is of course the bottle it comes in. This is like no other ink bottle I have seen and I instantly took a liking to it. The neck is long and has a marble at its base acting as a shutoff valve. Tipping the bottle over or upside down and the neck is filled with ink. Taking the cap off you now have the perfect ink reservoir with which to fill up you pen. It’s very clever and I can see myself using the bottle again and again once it is empty.

SBRE Brown ink is staying in both pens for the foreseeable future. If you like brown ink you’ll probably like this a great deal but do act quickly as if it is anything like the last release they may well sell out pretty fast.

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