Wow, where did you get that cool vaping pen?!

London is one of those cities where the strangest conversations can be instigated, in the strangest of locations. I had one such encounter this morning. It all happened on a number 52 bus.

I got on the #52 near not far from Notting Hill. (You might recall that film a few years ago of the same name starring Julia Roberts and Huge Grant). Getting out a pocket notebook I started to write down a few to do items using a TWSBI Vac 700r, filled with Montblanc ‘Irish Green’ ink. Sitting next to me was a 30 something American lady showing a great interest in what I was doing.

Finishing my to do list I rested my pen on my notebook just in case there was anything to add to the list. It was then the question was asked. ‘Wow, where did you get that cool vaping pen?!’ A little taken aback – as I didn’t think my pen resembled such a device – I informed her that it was just a fountain pen. As if to prove the point I took the cap off, opened the notebook and did some figure of eights. Sadly, she seemed a little crestfallen at this bombshell. Getting off just before the Albert Memorial I waved the pen as nonchalantly as I could and said it was a TWSBI and that you could get them online.

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