Pen clubs are great!

Pen Clubs are gatherings where you can take your fountain pens, ink, notebooks and other assorted fountain pen paraphernalia and meet other like-minded individuals who do pretty much the same things. The idea is that you meet-up at an agreed location where you can chew the fat about all things fountain pen.  Until a few months ago the only such clubs or gatherings I had heard of were those mentioned on the YouTube sites of ‘SBREBrown’ and ‘Figboot on Pens.’ I found out that there was a meeting held regularly in central London not too far away from where I live and when I attended my first London Club meeting I found out that there was also a UK South meeting too. On Saturday I went to my first UK South Pen Club meeting.

The location was a pub adjacent to a lake in Fleet, Hampshire which meant a car journey out of my beloved London. Arriving in good time I headed in to the pub to await people to arrive. I met up with Dave (who I think organises the UK South meet-up) almost immediately and we found a table and started to have a chat about all things pens.

Dave, is a wonderful chap. His YouTube channel click here is surely destined to become of great significance in the fountain pen world. He seems to have just about every pen of note you can think of and almost every one of them is what many people would regard as a ‘grail pen.’ Despite Dave being an all round good egg, friendly, enthusiastic about all things pens and actually happy for you to handle and have a go at any of the pens he brings with him to these gatherings, he possess one fatal flaw. He is a bad influence! He is the direct cause of me parting with money for more than one fountain pen!


We talked about the Visconti Opera Master and my new purchase of the limited edition ‘River Thames at Midday.’ Dave thought it would be rather good to line the Opera Master pens he had brought and put his ‘River Thames at Sunrise’ next to mine.

Before long other started to gather and Gary – who I had met at my first London Club meet and at the London Pen Show – arrived as did Anthony who has a really good blog


Next on the photoshoot list were the Visconti stacked celluloid pens from the collections of Dave and Anthony and two Visconti Homo Sapiens ‘London Fog’ pens again from each of their respective collections. The ‘London Fog’ pens in particular are beauties however I am really pleased I bought the ‘Bronze Swirl’ at the recent London Pen Show as I possibly like it more.


An acquisition for Dave at the London Pen Show was a beast of a pen that is the Danitrio Bamboo. For such as large pen it is quite light and comfortable to hold.


The #8 nib on the Danitrio

Next up was a pen I think belonged to Gary and its fountain pen at each end for some reason reminded me of Darth Maul’s Light Sabre!?


Anthony brought his Montblanc 1912 retractable fountain pen. It was gorgeous! Nothing really else to say about it!


The nib was brought into play by a smooth twist of the ribbed blind cap and up the nib glides into position. Sadly, Anthony told me that this is no longer available but it is a pen worthy enough to appear on anyones list of wants.


In all we spent well over three hours talking about pens, ink, paper and trying out each others pens. Very enjoyable stuff. I can recommend attending a pen club if there is one wherever you live. Leaving the analogue that is fountain pens to one side for the moment, in our digital age I suspect you can use internet searches to find a club near you. If not why not set one up. The only downside I can think of is that you might come away with a list of things you want to buy!

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