Fountain Pen Addiction?

It has been said that once you get into fountain pens it can be a rather slippery slope. Before you know it you are well and truly hooked. There are some signs to look out for.

#1. You start to carry more than one fountain pen.

Of course you do not really need to do this but you convince yourself that you need pens filled with different coloured ink or a different grade of nib. You need one with an extra-fine nib for figures or taking notes and another much broader one for flowery cursive handwriting. You need a small compact, minimalist pen as much as you need a Bobby dazzler the size of a lightsaber.

#2. You buy a small carry case to carry more that on fountain pen

Hand in hand with #1 is the desire to safely carry your pens in a small protective case. These can be a double, triple, ones that carry six pens and if all hope is lost, cases that can even carry a dozen pens!

#3. Royal blue ink just isn’t enough!

With your new addiction and #1 starting to manifest, you will soon find yourself looking for inks of all shades. Those strange names for paint you used to find amusing at your local DIY store such as ‘Australian Sunset’ (which was actually magnolia) do not apply to fountain pen ink. ‘Caffe Crema’, ‘Lucky Orange’, ‘Apple Glory’ all seem perfectly reasonable monikers. In addition to this you start to buy more and more ink at every opportunity.

#4. Pen spotter

You know that the addiction has taken hold when you know your M1000 from your 149 at twenty paces. You can tell an Opera from an Opera Master and you do not snigger if some says that they absolutely love the feel of their Homo Sapiens!

#5. The price is right

When you first started out on the mean streets of fountain pen addiction purchasing a pen costing £20 felt like a lot. Soon £100 is justified and before you know it you are eBaying the family silver in order to fund more and more expensive purchases.

#6. Grail pens

You see, desire and want something called a ‘grail pen.’ You convince yourself that if you owned this prize, that would be it and no other pens would be needed. The sad truth is almost like chasing the dragon, another grail pen will fall into your consciousness with the process starting again.

Now, do any of these apply to you? I am sure there are more signs of fountain pen addiction. Please leave a comment if any of these apply to you or you can think of more numbers.

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