The London Pen Show 2018

Last Sunday was a day I had been looking forward to. Up bright and early I made the short journey to the Holiday Inn in Bloomsbury which was to host the London Pen Show.

I sauntered up to the hotel just after 10:00 thinking I’d be fashionably late but was told that the show opened at 10:30 unless you had early bird entry which allowed from 9:30. After an agonising wait we were let in.

Inside there was an overwhelming array of fountain pens on offer to cater for all tastes. Although there were new pens on offer the majority of pens were vintage.

There were dozens of dealers and it was good to see ‘The One Man Pen Show’ Sarj with his quite incredible volume of desirable fountain pens.

Lately I have been rather captivated by all things Visconti mainly due to the unhealthy influence of Penultimatedave (If you haven’t checked out his YouTube videos you really should as they are brilliant)! I was therefore searching around to see if anyone had any. My luck was in as a dealer had one Bronze Swirl left having sold three during the early bird slot. The moon and stars must have been aligned as not only was the price agreeable it had a fine nib. Wasting no time this beauty was mine.

Feeling rather pleased with myself I also bought a bottle of Robert Oster, Caffe Crema to complement the Bronze Swirls. I didn’t buy anything else as I thought I had done rather well.

Movement around the Pen Show was slow at times due to the volume of people. Every so often I bumped into a few people I recognised from various forms of social media. It was great to see them and ‘Penultimatedave’ was there busy committing the event to video for his YouTube channel.

After almost two hours of fountain pen geek heaven I had to go as I had somewhere else to be. In truth I could have stayed longer.

There are other pen shows in other parts of the country throughout the year but I have only ever attended the London event. If you like fountain pens you might want to go to one. Even if you don’t buy anything you’ll certainly enjoy drooling over all the pens and meeting like minded people.

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